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How can I use my graphics tablet? (Wacom, Intuos, etc. )

Connecting your graphics tablet
Have an external tablet attached to your device.
Ensure the software and drivers are updated as per your manufacturer's instructions.
Join a Meeting.
Become presenter.
Select the pen tool.
Drag across the slide. Also, try tapping it.
To change thickness choose a different thickness underneath the picture of the pencil
Before you start using your graphics tablet to write on the whiteboard area you need to disable windows ink.
You may zoom in 400% and 'fit to width' for maximum space.
If you wish to use the 'one note' feature to write then you need to enable windows ink and share your screen.
If you would like the whiteboard area even bigger you can drag up to minimize cameras or ask all participants to go to options (three dot top right) and make full screen.
If you disabled the windows ink but you are still unable to use the pen, you can try to reinstall the driver.

Updated on: 22/12/2021

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