How do I cancel/reschedule a lesson?

Click ‘Schedule’ on the menu, followed by ‘Planned tutorials’.
Click on the icon to the right of the tutorial that you wish to reschedule or cancel.
Select ‘Reschedule tutorials’.
If you would like to reschedule the tutorial, click the calendar icon and select the desired date and
If you would like to cancel the tutorial, select the tutorial you would like to cancel, scroll to the
bottom of the page and select 'Delete'.
An email will be sent to your student to let them know of the amendment.

Why is a time slot is missing?

If a postponed session is still inside the ''reschedule'' section it could overlap the time slot you need.
Please delete the postponed session in question and you will be able to find and book the time slot you need.

If the problem persists:

Please let our Live Chat Agents know and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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