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How do I share my screen?

How do I share my screen?

Open the web page or the application you would like to share.
Click on the screen sharing button.

Select the appropriate screen sharing option.
Select the web page/application you wish to share from the list of the opened web pages/applications.
Click on the ''share'' button.

Why can I not see the screen sharing button?

If you are a student you don't have access to the screen sharing option. Your tutor can click on your name on the participants' list and find the option ''make a presenter''. When you become a presenter you will be able to see the screen sharing button.

Why do I have a Kaleidoscopic view?

If you select the option ''share your entire screen'' you will need to minimize the Infiniti platform window. You will not be able to work on the platform at the same time but your student will have a normal view. If you want to work on the platform at the same time, you need to select the option ''application window'' or ''Chrome/Firefox/Safari tab''.

If you see an error message:

Please let our Live Chat Agents know and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

Updated on: 21/04/2021

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