I am sharing my screen but it is not working properly - why is that the case?

If you select the option ''your entire screen'' you need to minimize the platform screen, otherwise your student will have a Kaleidoscopic view.
You need to open the page or the application you want to share before you click on the screen sharing button.
If you want to share a web page please select the option ''Chrome tab''.
If you want to share an application please select the option ''application window''.
Make sure to select the page or the application you want to share from the list before you press the ''share'' button.

Tip for less familiar users:

Depending on your browser's settings you might feel lost between many open pages. Do not use the full screen mode for the open pages because you might not be able to find the platform window again. Select this view on the browser window:

If you see an error message:

Please let our Live Chat Agents know and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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