My student/tutor cannot hear me

audio scenarios
Did you select the microphone mode during the echo test? _
If yes, could you hear your voice during the echo test?
If yes :
You might be muted by accident ( image 2 )
You might have lost the connection ( image 3 )
You might have pressed by accident the leave audio button ( image 5 )
If you are muted by accident, click on the microphone button
If you have lost the connection, test your speed ( and go more near to the modem. You can also create a hot spot with your mobile phone.
If you are not connected to the audio click on the leave audio button and pass the echo test. Make sure that you have not skipped the echo test.
If you could not hear your self during the echo test: _
Run the system check on the dashboard of your learning management system
Try another browser
Did you see some number error message? _
If yes make sure that there is not a firewall blocking the access to the platform
Are you using a headset?
If yes make sure that the headset is connected before you enter in the classroom

Updated on: 12/04/2022

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