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What formats can I use to upload a presentation?

The following file formats are acceptable:

jpg, JPG, jpeg, JPEG, png, PNG, gif, GIF, pdf, PDF, doc, DOC, docx, DOCX, ppt, PPT, pptx, PPTX, pps, PPS, ppsx, PPSX, odt, ODT, xls, XLS, xlsx, XLSX, psd, PSD, zip, ZIP, rar, RAR, mp3, MP3, m4a, M4A, ogg, OGG, wav, WAV, mp4, MP4, m4v, M4V, mov, MOV, wmv, WMV, avi, AVI, mpg, MPG, ogv, OGV, 3gp, 3GP, 3g2, 3G2

Updated on: 19/08/2020

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