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What kind of file formats can I upload?

What kind of file formats can I upload?

The compatible formats are jpg, JPG, jpeg, JPEG, png, PNG, gif, GIF, pdf, PDF, doc, DOC, docx, DOCX, ppt, PPT, pptx, PPTX, pps, PPS, ppsx, PPSX, odt, ODT, xls, XLS, xlsx, XLSX, psd, PSD, zip, ZIP, rar, RAR, m4a, M4A, ogg, OGG, wav, WAV, mp4, M4V, mov, MOV, wmv, WMV, avi, AVI, mpg, MPG, ogv, OGV, 3gp, 3GP, 3g2, 3G2

Our tips:

If an uploaded word file doesn't look exactly the same as the original one, you can convert it to PDF.
If you want to upload a PPT with animations, you can use the screen sharing feature.

Updated on: 21/04/2021

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