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Why can I not upload a file in my library?

Please check that your file is in the correct size (an error message will appear informing you of the size limit)
Please check that your file is in the permitted format (formats include jpg, JPG, jpeg, JPEG, png, PNG, gif, GIF, pdf, PDF, doc, DOC, docx, DOCX, ppt, PPT, pptx, PPTX, pps, PPS, ppsx, PPSX, odt, ODT, xls, XLS, xlsx, XLSX, psd, PSD, zip, ZIP, rar, RAR, mp3, MP3, m4a, M4A, ogg, OGG, wav, WAV, mp4, MP4, m4v, M4V, mov, MOV, wmv, WMV, avi, AVI, mpg, MPG, ogv, OGV, 3gp, 3GP, 3g2, 3G2)

Updated on: 02/09/2020

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